Sunday, October 13, 2013

The First Month || NYC

Alright, so, it's been a month and a half since I moved here for college, but who cares about logistics? The past month has been filled with many tears, stressful nights full of procrastination, and a thousand little pick-me-ups needed to keep myself going.  At times, I have regretted my decision to attend school here and have spent some days wondering if I would have been better off attending the other school I was torn on.  Of course, just a bunch of phony dramas playing in my mind, but why should I be stuck on these thoughts if they affect the way I view life?

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It has always been my motto to find happiness wherever I go.  If I knew back in April when I decided on this school that I would be happy here, I should be putting forth the effort to truly find that happiness.  The overwhelming process of adjustment to college life of figuring out where I fit in and who I fit in with has been stressful only because I have made it stressful.  For the most part, I have only caused my own anxiety through over-thinking things out of my control.  The reason I haven't found happiness is because I'm not letting it be found.

As I was walking around Central Park yesterday, I encountered the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir for the first time and I couldn't help reflect on how fortunate I am.  I am living in New York City and all I do is complain about how life isn't working out for me.  My selfish thoughts have not only been bringing me down, but those around down.  Come on, pull yourself together, Simek.

I am in New York City.  This city will allow me to discover myself in ways that I probably wouldn't be able to in.   I will get to live in this glorious city for some period of my life after graduation.  My perspective is the only thing I need to change. 

Things I've done in NYC in my first month:

  • Fall shopping spree
  • Ate tiramisu gelato at Eataly
  • Ate breakfast two weekends at Tom's Restaurant in a row in Morningside Heights (yes, Tom's Restaurant aka "The Seinfeld Diner"
  • Ate mini cupcakes in Columbus Circle at midnight
  • Walked half of Central Park
  • Rode the Ferris Wheel in the Toys "R" Us in Times Square

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