Friday, July 12, 2013

Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety.

I have not been able to stop stressing for the past three days.  It's that simple.  But, what's not so simple to figure out is why I have been so on-edge lately.  I have a theory that it stems from any number of these factors:

  • Lack of organization.  My bedroom is a mess because I'm currently in the process cleaning/organizing everything.
  • College planning.  I'm starting my first year of college in about six weeks (woo!!!), but I'm not really enjoying the whole not-knowing-my-class-schedule thing.  I feel so overwhelmed about gathering the dorm room things I need to buy.  Ugh, isn't this supposed to be a fun time in my life?!
  • Work.  Enough said.
  • Yesterday, my best friend left for a month long tour of Europe and I haven't been able to communicate with him that much because of the time difference (talk about me being co-dependent).  He usually helps me chill out in weird times like these, so I'm missin' the love.

I have tried practically every thing in the book to dissipate the tension.  Well, not every single thing, but close to it!  Today consisted of me cleaning (see bullet one) since I usually don't feel as stressed when I get something done.  When that didn't work, I put my creative mind to work to paint an old jewelry box I can use at school.  No luck on that either.  Online shopping?  Negative results.  It wasn't until I meditated for about twenty minutes in complete silence that I started to feel a bit more relaxed.

Tonight, I'm hoping to do a sort of "electronics blackout" where I don't touch my computer, phone, etc. for a couple hours.  Maybe settling down with a good novel and lighting some candles will help my mind chill.

Anyone else have any tips for trying to ease a restless mind?

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