Monday, July 15, 2013


Eating while flies swarm around my fresh-off-the-grill hot dog, I shield my eyes from the blazing July sun. Ketchup heated from the humid air slides off the meat onto the bun and then onto my fingertips, making a sticky tomato paste. Oils from the grill glisten in the late afternoon light. I practically inhale the hot dog, finishing it in less than a minute.  Licking my fingers and wiping my hands on worn-in jeans, I try to erase the smell of grease off my skin.

Later that evening, I spot a group of friends lighting sparklers in the soccer field at the county recreation center and sprint over to grab a few before there aren’t any left. The adults tell us to stand like a statue and to hold our arms out as far as possible while they use a lighter to ignite the mini-fireworks. This is what I live for as a child of nine: lighting things on fire and not having a care in the world; pyro and mania. Independence ran through my veins like a drug.

Shwoop, a sound similar to air being sucked out of a tube, is emitted from across the open field where firetrucks are assembled. Pop is heard next and the twilight sky is painted with purple streaks of explosive matter. A crackle and sizzle follow as the fireworks fizzle out. Another explosive is shot into the air, this one a vibrant red, navy, and white for the United States. I gaze as one after another, fireworks are shot into the sky and light it up for over half and hour. Pyro, independence, and mania make one hell of a Fourth of July.

I'm thinking I'm going to be sharing some of my personal writing every Monday!  This way, I can have initiative to keep up my writing outside of my blog posts.  Hope you enjoyed.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety.

I have not been able to stop stressing for the past three days.  It's that simple.  But, what's not so simple to figure out is why I have been so on-edge lately.  I have a theory that it stems from any number of these factors:

  • Lack of organization.  My bedroom is a mess because I'm currently in the process cleaning/organizing everything.
  • College planning.  I'm starting my first year of college in about six weeks (woo!!!), but I'm not really enjoying the whole not-knowing-my-class-schedule thing.  I feel so overwhelmed about gathering the dorm room things I need to buy.  Ugh, isn't this supposed to be a fun time in my life?!
  • Work.  Enough said.
  • Yesterday, my best friend left for a month long tour of Europe and I haven't been able to communicate with him that much because of the time difference (talk about me being co-dependent).  He usually helps me chill out in weird times like these, so I'm missin' the love.

I have tried practically every thing in the book to dissipate the tension.  Well, not every single thing, but close to it!  Today consisted of me cleaning (see bullet one) since I usually don't feel as stressed when I get something done.  When that didn't work, I put my creative mind to work to paint an old jewelry box I can use at school.  No luck on that either.  Online shopping?  Negative results.  It wasn't until I meditated for about twenty minutes in complete silence that I started to feel a bit more relaxed.

Tonight, I'm hoping to do a sort of "electronics blackout" where I don't touch my computer, phone, etc. for a couple hours.  Maybe settling down with a good novel and lighting some candles will help my mind chill.

Anyone else have any tips for trying to ease a restless mind?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time for Some New Lacquer: Summer Nail Polishes

Humidity has set in at it's fullest, people are flocking to their neighborhood pools, and celebrity drama is reaching it's peak in People Magazine.  That's right, it's summer.  Full-fledged summer, I might at.

It is that time of the year that is just as renowned as New Years Eve for being the time when people step out of their comfort zones and try new things.  "New things" can refer to any number of things- fashion, fitness, lifestyle plans.  Whatever your new adventure may be, you want to look good doing it.  Experimenting with nail polish is the perfect way to mix up your style according to what's going on in your life each week.

Summer Nail Polishes


I prefer lighter shades in the summer time, such a nudes, cool colors, and pinks.  Essie is a perfect brand to go to if you want reasonably priced, great selection of polishes.  However, my go-to nail polish when I've run out of the light shades (or I can't decide on a color) is butter London's Pillar Box Red.  It's that certain kind of red that just makes you feel sexy- like you've stepped out of the 1940's- and want to show your perfectly polished hand off to the world.  You can't deny it. . . a bright red provides a great pop of color to your nails, especially around the Fourth of July.  Pair a nautical striped shirt with some khaki chinos with the Pillar Box Red nail polish and you're in business.  While each bottle of butter London is quite expensive ($15), it is instantly obvious that it is quality polish the moment you let it dry on your nails.

This week, I went with Essie's Turquoise and Caicos even though it was the Fourth.  I've had to work a lot recently and have been experiencing major stress, so I wanted a cool color that could mellow me out whenever I looked at it.  Plus, the color goes well with any kind of flow-y, summer dress and tan sandals.

Watch: Vintage; Dress: Zara; Polish: Essie's Turquoise and Caicos